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It's not just about the food. 


Healing is so much more than what we eat.  How we eat and why we eat GET to be discussed as well! 

Do you want to eat gluten and/or dairy free - or just "healthier" because you feel better when you do, and just can't seem stick to it long term.  

Do you crave the confidence in the kitchen when preparing a meal? 


Do you want that negative self talk to stop!

Do you want to stop living all or nothing? 

One day green smoothies and then something goes wrong and you say 'screw it' and eat ALL the food you 'shouldn't'.  

I've been there.  I get it. 

Doing this work has been the only way I've found true healing with my relationship to food.

You deserve freedom with food. 


You deserve to trust yourself with food. 


You deserve to end your battle with food and your body!

What have you got to lose?

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