Hello!  I'm Becca.  I founded Delicious Karma.  I believe food is here for both nourishment and pleasure.  I haven't always felt that way.  I struggled for nearly a decade with vairous forms of eating disorders.  I still managed to complete my engineering degree, sailing across oceans, and live my dream life in the caribbean.  But I had no balance. In 2012 I finally confessed to my family that I needed help, and begun therapy shortly after. Around the same time I was also diagnosed with celiac disease.  Overcoming my eating disorder was hard.  Having to live with a restricted "gluten free" diet for the rest of my life seemed like torture.  I know how hard it is to be told what you can or can't eat, and how the second you mess up it all feels like its been a giant waste.  That's why diets don't work.  But what happens when you have to be on a 'diet' for your own health?  For the rest of your life.  (Cue anxiety attack).  This is not an easy lifestyle change.  It takes work, but I promise you freedom with food is possible.  

The work I used to heal myself was mult-dimensional. From movement, to intimate conversations with coaches, to breath-work, to screaming into pillows to jounralling.  Ultimatly, my goal for myself and with my clients is to connect with our own intuition and let it guide us. To me, healing begins by feeling - feeling our emotions and in turn shifting our mindset to believe you are worthy of love and affection.


It's all a journey.  And it's all possible.  I believe in you. I've been there. XO

Food Freedom Coach - Hungry For Happiness

Certified Nutritional Practitioner - Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Culinary Arts - Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

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Pemberton, British Columbia